iMetaSoft provides a product line that are designed to be used without any customization or can be customized to fit any business requirements. The product line we offer are designed with the highest quality, user friendly and cost effective. If you want to inquire about any of the products below please contact us and let us know how we can have our products make your business more efficient.

Today most businesses wants software that run their daily task to be easily accessible, cost effective, user-friendly and most of all web based. EasyResPMS is a out of the box solution that takes five minutes to setup that will run any business that is involved in reservations. EasyResPMS is designed to be used by hotels small or large, cottage rentals, or any other type of business that rents out property to their customers.
Every developer's dream is to be able to write a snippet of code and reuse it without any hassle in the future. iCodeLibrary.NET is designed by developers for developers and takes into consideration all the needs for a proper snippet manager. XML is used to make sure the developer can integrate the snippets with Microsoft Visual Studio or any other system.
  iLink Manager
Having relationships with other web sites is essential for any business to survive today. iLink Manager can be used as a stand-alone application to setup a portal or can be integrated with any website. Virtual Kurdistan is a perfect example that uses the product to setup a portal that matches Yahoo's link directory.
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